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Nicaragua "SHB" Matagalpa


Roast Level:

This Nicaraguan coffee was strictly high grown and is characterized by chocolate undertones, lemon acidity, plum, and honey, for an all around amazing flavor. 

Matagalpa is the northern region of Nicaragua that gorws a great deal of typically high-altitude beans. It has an abundance of volcanic soil, as well as a tropical forest climate that makes it ideal for elite growing. 95% of Nicaraguan coffee is considered "shade grown," which is excellent for the enviornment. While coffee is one of the main foreign exports for Nicaragua, they focus on quality rather than quantity, which makes this coffee a truly excellent "Rare Origin!" 

Overall Score: 86

In The Cup: 61
Light aroma of plum and honey. Silky body with a nutty finish. 

Nurtured: 8
Grown in the Matagalpa region, which is known for volcanic soil and "shade grown" beans. 


Light Medium Roast: 3:15 development time

Brew Recomendation: 9
Pourover, 22g to 10oz water, Medium/ Fine Grind 

Each coffee in the Rare Origins collection comes packaged as 10 ounces of whole beans.