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Sample Packs

 Sample Packs are a no-fuss way to prepare your favorite blend, or to share with your fellow coffee enthusiasts!  With the upcoming holidays, they make perfect stocking stuffers for your family of coffee lovers.  Share the wealth this season--introduce your friends and family to their new favorite coffee!

Hardy Passion - Sample Pack

 Roast Level
Hardy Passion works hard to live up to its name.  It's a hearty, bold coffee with a strong, rich body and complimentary chocolate overtones.  We take care to roast it to be robust but not bitter--just the way a dark roast should be.

First Cup -Sample Pack

 Roast Level: 
This is our easy (light) roasted, even-bodied people pleaser! Blended with naturally processed Ethiopian and Peruvian beans, this blend is sure to make a great first impression.

Saving Grace - Sample Pack 24ct

 Roast Level: ●○
The people have spoken:  This balanced roast is our most popular blend!  Saving Grace is a balanced roast that strikes that perfect sweet spot of the crisp finish of a lighter roast with the rich, smooth body of a darker roast.  It's a perfect happy medium of not too dark, not too light with a bright flavor and a clean finish.

Hazelnut - Sample Pack

 Starting with a base of our classic balanced roast, we add a crisp Hazelnut flavor with a creamy finish that lingers with every sip.

These sample packs make great stocking stuffers for the holiday season!


Southern Pecan - Sample Packs

Classic Southern Pecan Flavor

Vanilla - Sample Pack

 Our balanced roast wears notes of vanilla very well, with each cup brewing up silky and creamy for the perfect cup.