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Blue Suede Kup Single Serve

Roast Level:

Caramel and nut. A flavor fit for a king!!

$15.95 - $51.00

Sea Salt Caramel

Roast Level:

 Sweet french caramel. with a hint of Sea Salt

$10.50 - $64.00

Buttermoon Flavored Coffee

Roast Level:
This is our best selling flavored coffee and has been on shelves and in coffee cups worldwide!  Butter Moon boasts notes of sweet caramel and roasted nut in our balanced blend and is perfect for any occasion.
$10.50 - $64.00

Extra Rich Hot Chocolate

Our new signature Dark Hot Chocolate is a new spin on our classic Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate.  No need to be afraid of the dark, though:  Think less "dark, bitter chocolate" and more "rich, deep flavor." 
$12.95 $10.95


Roast Level:
Our balanced roast wears notes of vanilla very well, with each cup brewing up silky and creamy for the perfect cup.
$10.50 - $64.00

Hardy Passion KUP Single Serve

Roast Level:
Bold Flavor and Silky body. We take care to roast it to be robust but not bitter--just the way a dark roast should be.
$15.95 - $51.00

Bigelow Plantation Mint

  Feeling like the market needed a refreshing mint tea, Eunice Bigelow took to the kitchen to create one of her first blends for the company. She started with a rich, flavorful black tea and then blended just the right amount of mint. One sip and you will see Award Winning Plantation Mint is clean and smooth with the perfect mint finish!

Blue Suede

Roast Level:
Flavor as smooth as Suede. Our signature blend has the sweetness of caramel with toasted macaroon  and a hint of our secret ingredient.
$10.50 - $64.00

Decaf Saving Grace Swiss Water -

Roast Level:
This is the buzz free version of our crowd pleaser.  It's the same Saving Grace that you know and love--a balanced roast that strikes that perfect sweet spot of the crisp finish of a lighter roast with the rich, smooth body of a darker roast.  
$41.00 - $75.00

Peru Amazonas Organic

Roast Level:
This Peru coffee was roasted lightly to maintain its bright integrity- each cup has notes of nuttiness and sweet citrus aromas that finish smoothly.
$14.95 - $61.99

Good Vibes

Roast Level:
Good Vibes all around with this balanced roast--sweet aroma, full-bodied flavor, and an even temper all the way through!
$10.25 - $64.50

Classic Espresso

Roast Level:
Our classic Espresso roast is any espresso lover's dream: Beans from Indonesia, Mexico, and Ethiopia are carefully roasted to create a blend that's bold and creamy, with silky sweet overtones and a brilliantly lingering flavor.
$10.95 - $71.60

Organic Green Tea Recyclable KUP

Pan Fired Green Tea. Lite and mild
$15.95 - $51.00

T Shirt Brazil Rare Origin

Our Limited Brazil Monte Caramalo commemorative TShirt celebrates the small Brazilian farmers 



Mosaic Buttermoon Flavor Syrup

 Buttermoon Syrup

First Cup

Roast Level:
This is our easy (light) roasted, even-bodied people pleaser! Blended with naturally processed Ethiopian and Peruvian beans, this blend is sure to make a great first impression.
$10.25 - $64.50

Butter Pecan Kup Single Serve

Roast Level:

Balanced roast baked inside a homemade pecan pie.

$15.95 - $51.00

Chai Tea Pod / Tea Bag

$28.90 - $63.95

Sea Salt Caramel KUP Single Serve

Roast Level:

Sweetness of caramel balanced with a touch of sea salt.

$15.95 - $51.00

Double Ugly Gift Set

A 12 ounce bag Ground of our Memphis Blues, paired with a 12 ounce bag of our extra rich Hot Chocolate.  What could be better?

Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon

  Just a dash of lemon, that is all we needed to add to our gentle green tea to make your green tea experience complete. You get a cup of our healthy, smooth Bigelow green tea rounded out with a lovely lemon finish….oh yeah!
$24.90 - $59.95

Vanilla KUP Single Serve

Roast Level:
Our original balanced blend with notes of vanilla. 
$15.95 - $51.00