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Memphis Blues 12oz

Roast Level:
This medium roast blend boasts a lively aroma and a smooth body with bright overtones.  Its vibrant personality lends itself to blues musicians to keep them (and the whole crowd!) moving until the sun comes up. Try it for yourself to feel the magic!

T Shirt Brown

Cool Ugly Mug T-Shirt.
$18.95 $12.95

Blue Suede 12

Flavor as smooth as Suede. Our signature blend has the sweetness of caramel with toasted macaroon  and a hint of our secret ingredient.
$10.25 $7.95

Cold Brew Summer Blend

Try our new Summer Cold Brew Kit today! This light and refreshing drink will certainly turn any hot day around!
$17.95 $14.95

Extra Rich Hot Chocolate

Our new signature Dark Hot Chocolate is a new spin on our classic Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate.  No need to be afraid of the dark, though:  Think less "dark, bitter chocolate" and more "rich, deep flavor."  It's just as sweet, but now with even more chocolate flavor bursting forth from each cup! It's great for a traditional hot chocolate, or mix a spoonful into your coffee to sweeten things up.
$12.95 $10.95

Handmade Mug Rust&Black Box+ Free Sample

Handmade Stoneware Mug and a Free Coffee Sample Pack in a Gift Box

Each one of these beautiful stoneware mugs was crafted especially for you. They are handcrafted and hand glazed, so each one has a personality of its own! 

$25.00 $21.00


  • 100% Certified Organic Cocoa
  • Pure GMO free cane sugar
  • All natural flavors
$18.95 $16.95