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Aug 13 2018

Coffee by Country

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Coffee Profiles by Country
Learn more about the areas our coffees are grown:

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Memphis Moms Love Ugly Mug!
Nov 9 2015

Memphis Mom's Love Ugly Mug!

By Loren West

Are you from memphis? Are you a Mom? If so you'll like this post! We at Ugly Mug want to give a warm shout-out to the Memphis Mom's Blog! Their site just launched here in town, and pretty soon, we think they'll be a huge force to be reckoned with on the local blogging scene. Mainly due to the young lady behind the scenes...

The woman behind the curtains pulling the strings like the wonderful Wizard of oz is Lindsay Bright. She recenttly re-located from the great state of Texas to our city down by the bluff (memphis obviously), and has set up shop with the...

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FOX13 Memphis NEWS Loves Ugly Mug Coffee!
Nov 6 2015

FOX13 Memphis NEWS Loves Ugly Mug Coffee!

By Loren West

It's official! The NEWS absolutely LOVES Ugly Mug Coffee! Well, maybe not the NEWS in general, but a couple of well known anchors in Memphis seem to have taken a liking to us...

First up, The lovely Sara Bleau from FOX13 Memphis. She was pretty excited about getting one of our Coffee machines in their studio! Pumpkin Pie is definitely one of the more popular flavors during the fall season... We suggested that she actually tries all the flavorsCheck out her facebook post below: 


Next, we have the beautiful Kristin Leigh! Also from...

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Public Cuppings At Ugly Mug Coffee Cafe
Oct 26 2015

Public Cuppings At Ugly Mug Coffee Cafe

By Loren West

 If you live in Memphis, TN, and more specifically the Whitestation area, you MUST attend one of our WEEKLY cuppings!

Each and every Friday at the Ugly Mug Cafe on the corner of Poplar and Perkins, we hold public cuppings. We take you, the customer, "behind the scenes" so to speak, and give you a glimpse into what our roasting experts do back at our labs! This is much more than a taste test. If you're familiar with wine tasting, or the process that beer brewers go through, you'll be right at home.

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