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Rare Origins

 Each coffee in our Rare Origins collection is unique, limited, and roasted in small batches.  Find out what makes them special today, and keep an eye on this page, as our varieties are always growing and changing!

Brazil Monte Caramelo Dark

This Brazil Coffee from The monte Cramelo estate is truly unique in its character, with a toasty & nutty aroma with notes of Pecan that set it apart from your average Brazilian bean due to its lack of fruity notes.  We roasted these beans on the darker side, but you'll still end up with a uniquely full body in each cup
$13.95 $12.95

Costa Rican Tarrazu Dota

Roast Level:
Costa Rican coffees are largely regarded as some of the finest due to its volcanic soil and exceptional drainage systems. This roast features Dota Plantation coffee, grown strictly above 4,500 feet, which is roasted to a lite medium to bring out tangy citrus, chocolately, and almond notes in its rich, medium body

Sumatra Tempesi

Roast Level: 

This fragrant Sumatra carries an aroma of toffee and flavors of semi-sweet chocolate, papaya, and vanilla.  It is organically farmed and semi-washed with a two-step sun drying process.  We roasted it to a full dark roast.

Ethiopian Yirgagcheffe Peaberry

Roast Level
Rare Peaberry.
Bright and lively. Flavor of apricot and black cherry.

Only Available in Whole Bean

A great Light roast for savoring, from the birthplace of coffee.