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Oct 9 2015

New Flavor Process.


 Ugly Mug has started a new process of flavoring coffee. The old way to do it is to spray the beans with flavor, let them soak for several days, and (in a nutshell) you have flavored coffee! 

The problem with this process is that the entire bean never really absorbs all of the flavor. Which means you're not getting the full expirience that you're intended to have....



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7 Cold-hard Facts About Cold Press Coffee
Jul 22 2015

7 Cold-hard Facts About Cold Press Coffee

By Loren West
Tags: Cold brew coffee, cold press coffee, iced coffee, coffee concentrate

Normally when you think of coffee, you immediately picture hot coffee mugs with steam rolling off the top, and cold crisp air outside. Most people probably NEVER imagine coffee as part of their warm weather escapades. But for so many, cold coffee is a must-have throughout the summertime.

Cold Brew VS Iced Coffee in a nutshell: 

Cold brew or cold press coffee is actually brewed in room temperature water for 12- 24 hours before serving up a cup. Iced coffee is brewed “normally” and served on ice.

Now that we know the difference in the two chilly drinks, lets talk about the 7 Cold Hard Facts About Cold Press Coffee...

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The 6 BIG Benefits of Making Coffee with an AeroPress
Jul 16 2015

The 6 BIG Benefits of Making Coffee with an AeroPress

By Loren West
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Have you ever wished you could brew a cup of coffee as fast as possible but without sacrificing quality? What if you could

brew quicker... and it tasted BETTER?

If you said yes to those two questions, then what you need in your life is an AeroPress!

Whether you're new to the world of beans or a java Jedi Master, using the Aerobie AeroPress is by far one of the best, if not THE BEST, methods of making a high quality cup of joe. For those on the outside looking in it'd be easy to assume the more expensive and complicated the tools, the better the end product. However this is not always the case.


Whatever tools you choose to use, the end result depends largely on three things...

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Want A Better Memory? Scientists Say Drink More Coffee!
Jul 13 2015

Want A Better Memory? Scientists Say Drink More Coffee!

By Loren West
Tags: Coffee health, coffee science, memory


Have you ever felt like you memory was fading? Or maybe you can't really remember things as good as you used to...

Well the smart guys (researchers) at Johns Hopskins in Baltimore,MD have come up with the GREATEST solution that man-kind has ever come up with...DRINK MORE COFFEE! That's always the solution around here at Ugly Mug, but what actually is having an affect on your memory is the caffiene found in coffee.

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