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  • Pure GMO free cane sugar
  • All natural flavors

Tazo China Green Tips

Fine fresh-tasting, spring-harvested green teas from China.

Songwriter Blend 12oz

Roast Level:
Inspired by the Nashville's Music Culture. Side-Steppin and boot stompin.

Think Big 12oz

Roast Level:
Looking for a coffee so dark your eyes need a few minutes to adjust?  Need jet fuel for your creative ventures? We gave it some thought and came up with this big idea!  Think Big is a smoky bold roast with a heavy body that's sure to fuel your brain for whatever your Big Idea is!

Tazo Chai

  A robust blend of black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper & spices.

Urnex: Surface Sanitizer Spray

Now introducing: URNEX: Surface Sanitizer!

Sold in Each or case of 6 bottles! 

Effective Against Viruses and Bacteria! 


$8.95 - $47.00

Mosaic Vanilla Flavor Syrup


Organic Green Tea Recyclable KUP

Pan Fired Green Tea. Lite and mild

Tropical Green Tea with Ginseng Recyclable Tea KUP

Ugly Mug is introducting the first Recyclable KUP for Keurig Brewers.


Gift Certificate

 Always the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life!

Hardy Passion Dark Roast

Roast Level:

It's a hearty, bold coffee with a strong, rich body and complimentary chocolate overtones. 


Maple Praline 12oz

Roast Level:
Our Maple Praline is the perfect Fall accompaniment to any morning breakfast. With its sweet maple and nutty praline flavors, this coffee is sure to start your day off with a cup of perfection

Vanilla KUP Single Serve

Roast Level:
Our original balanced blend with notes of vanilla. 
$15.95 - $48.00


  • 100% Certified Organic Cocoa
  • Pure GMO free cane sugar
  • All natural flavors

Decaf Swiss Hazelnut 12

Roast Level:
A balanced, crisp roast with a creamy finish. Takes after the hazel side of the family. 
$14.95 - $43.95

Sea Salt Caramel KUP Single Serve

Roast Level:

Sweetness of caramel balanced with a touch of sea salt.

$15.95 - $48.00

Handmade Mug Diner Style 2

  Each one of these beautiful stoneware mugs was crafted especially for you.  They are handcrafted and hand glazed, so each one has a personality of its own!  These mugs are sturdy and are great to warm your hands in the cold winter months. This mug is a huge hit among the Ugly Mug team, and we're sure it's soon to be your new favorite mug, too!

Hardy Passion - Sample Pack 24CT

Roast Level:
Hardy Passion works hard to live up to its name.  It's a hearty, bold coffee with a strong, rich body and complimentary chocolate overtones.  We take care to roast it to be robust but not bitter--just the way a dark roast should be.

Saving Grace Swiss Water Decaf KUP Single Serve

Roast Level:

Decaf. Bright flavor and smooth finish. 

$15.95 - $48.00

Tazo Calm

  A comforting herbal infusion of chamomile, rose petals & soothing herbs.

Ethiopian Yirgagcheffe

Roast Level:
Rare Peaberry. Bright and lively. Flavor of apricot and black cherry.

First Cup 12oz Whole Bean

Roast Level:
This is our easy (light) roasted, even-bodied people pleaser! Blended with naturally processed Ethiopian and Peruvian beans, this blend is sure to make a great first impression.
$9.95 $8.45