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About Us

Ugly Is As Ugly Does.

Truth: you can’t call yourself Ugly and then behave that way. Too obvious. So we try to do some good in the world. We only roast coffee that’s traded and grown in a way that benefits the growers and the environment.

You may hear the phrase “roasted with integrity” around here. And you may not. It’s not something we really say that much. It’s just something we do.

And maybe you’re thinking there’s already plenty of other “pretty” coffee companies who talk that kind of blah-blah-blah. Here’s the difference: walking the blah-blah-blah.

The Life Ugly.

We believe in doing our part to help the coffee farmer. We try in small part by using from 10% to 100% Fair trade Coffee in each of our blends, supporting faith based organizations that have out reach programs in coffee growing countries, to visiting coffee plantations and directly trading to give the best value for their beans.

It’s not easy, but we select the purest beans in a way that’s  fair to growers. A fair trade price means farmers can feed and clothe their families. It means they receive adequate healthcare, and can give their kids educational opportunities. 

We also do our best to lower our impact on the invironment. In our company we beleive in recycling and reusing everything that we can. Our chaff ( the leaf that comes out of a coffee bean in the roasting process) is used as compost and fertilizer material for local urban gardens and botanical gardens. in fact, we have our own "Ugly Garden" which is 100% organically grown.

Furthermore; our burlap sacks are great for keeping in moisture and weed control. We even have contracted with immagrnts from Burundai to make purses from the sacks for sale on line and from our stores, with much of the proceeds going back to the people.

Memphis Roasted. In Memphis.

Soon as we order that finest of fine coffees in a way that benefits those farmers, we have it shipped up the Mississippi to Memphis and roast it with the attention most people give babies. From plantation to roaster to your fist. Fast equals fresh. And Fresh is the best

Since we started in a coffee house (1998, campus hangout, lots of spiritually uplifting coffee-fueled philosophizing), we know about customer service. We’re going to be the best place to do business with you can quickly think of.

Also, we’re a great place to work. If you’re the Ugly type.